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Dundela Infants' School and Nursery Unit, Belfast

School Council


In Dundela Infants’ School we have a School Council. Three representatives are elected from each of the three Primary 3 classes. Candidates for School Council have to give a speech on how they would go about making our school a better place, and their classmates then vote for the people they believe would do the best job.

The role of a School Council Representative involves

  • Attending meetings once a month 
  • Encouraging other pupils to use their voice and share their ideas through a suggestion box and by visiting Primary 1 and 2 classrooms to share news and ideas
  • Looking after others in the playground 
  • Helping out at school events 
  • Assisting the teachers with jobs around the school
  • Setting a good example to others in Dundela.


11th Jan 2023
In our class, various students did a speech telling us why they should be elected...
14th Dec 2022
The first official meeting of Dundela’s School Council has just taken place...