Access Keys:

Dundela Infants' School and Nursery Unit, Belfast

Jolly Grammar P3

Adjectives Challenge
Extend your child's
knowledge of
Common Nouns
Extra experience
using nouns
Grammar 1 Adjective Snakes
Use adjectives to
describe snakes
Jolly Grammar Action Sheet
Learn the actions
for Jolly Grammar
Jolly Grammar Information for Parents
What is Jolly

Jolly Grammar Sample Song
Listen to the
adjectives song

Extend your child's
skills creating
Proper Nouns
Learn more about
proper nouns
Questions Challenge
Enjoy some extra
practice with
question words
Reading Comprehension
At the Funfair -
answer questions
Reading Comprehension
At the Beach -
answer questions

Sound Mat
Need a visual
reminder of the
Story Writing
Gardener - What is
the woman doing in
the picture?
Story Writing
Beach - write your
own story about
going to the beach

Story Writing
Alien - Write your
own story about an