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Dundela Infants' School Belfast

Mental Health and Wellbeing


This week we celebrated 'Children's Mental Health Week.' It is important to us as a school, to nurture all pupils' mental health. However during this pandemic, when the children are being faced with new challenges, it is crucial that children are taught how to deal with a wide variety of feelings and equip them with necessary tools, to face difficult emotions. 

From Nursery to Primary 3, all pupils were provided with a range of multi sensory activities during home learning. These activities nurtured pupils' mental health and educated the children about different emotions. The happy smiling faces and the wonderful task outcomes, show how our pupils benefited from such an important, worthwhile week. 

26th Oct 2021
As a school we are lucky to work closely with Action Mental Health. They offer parent...
25th Oct 2021
In Primary 3 we created our very own ‘Worry Dolls.’ These are based on...

Youtube links


Sesame Street Meditations 

Sesame Street 1 : Belly Breaths  Click here

Sesame Street 2 : Goodnight Body  Click Here

Sesame Street 3 : Focus Rhyme   Click Here

Sesame Street 4 : Try Try Again   Click Here

Sesame Street 5 : Belly Buddy Breathing   Click Here

Sesame Street 6 : Play 1,2,3 Freeze  Click here

Cosmic Kids Zen Den

Superpower Listening   Click here for some Zen

The I Can't Monster    Click here for some Zen

Candle of Concentration    Click here for some Zen

Thought Bubbles   Click here for some Zen

The Listening Game   Click here for some Zen

The Owl and the Guard Dog  Click here for some Zen

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Betsy the Banana   Click for Yoga

We're Going on a Bear Hunt   Click for Yoga

Squish the Fish  Click for Yoga

The Very Hungry Caterpillar  Click for Yoga

Sonic The Hedgehog  Click for Yoga

Trolls Click for Yoga