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Dundela Infants' School and Nursery Unit, Belfast

Schools of Sanctuary


We are delighted to have received the Schools of Sanctuary Award in September 2022.

The Schools of Sanctuary Award is aimed at helping schools to develop further the concept that schools are welcoming places for pupils and their families, where every child feels safe, where they are fully accepted. These schools are beacons in the community as places where cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.

We want to live in a world where every child feels safe and accepted regardless of what they believe, where they are from or what they look like; a world where cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.

By becoming a School of Sanctuary, we are fostering a culture of welcome and inclusion in our school and community. We are offering refuge to those who need it and are equipping our students with intercultural skills and the ability to have compassion in what is, for many, a turbulent world.

We hope our school can inspire the people and places around us to become safer, more welcoming and more inclusive for anyone seeking sanctuary.