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Dundela Infants' School Belfast

Board of Governors

The present Board of Governors was constituted in 2019 and its term of office is for

4 years.  The Governors are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school and this duty comprises:

  • The appointment and oversight of staff
  • The admissions policy
  • The oversight of the curriculum
  • The fostering of links with the community and the furthering of the objectives of mutual understanding
  • The maintenance of the premises
  • The control of the delegated budget


Mr W Pinkerton Education Authority Representative


Rev J Campbell  Presbyterian Church Representative
Miss L Dawson Education Authority Representative
Rev Dr F Munce MBE Methodist Church Representative
Rev C St John Church of Ireland Representative 
Mrs K Doyle Church of Ireland Representative
Ms G Evans Parent Representative
Miss J Davidson Teaching Staff Representative
Mrs E McCrory Parent Representative


Ms S Wilson Principal (non-voting member)



Education Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 1989

In conforming to the requirements of the Education Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 1989, the policy of the Board of Governors is as follows:

  • That no charge be made for materials, books, equipment or clothing for use in connection with the statutory curriculum.
  • That a charge be made to parents/guardians of a child involved in damage to or loss of school property.
  • To request voluntary contributions from parents for school activities, in or out of school time, for which compulsory charges cannot be levied but which can only be provided if there is sufficient voluntary funding.  No child will be omitted from an activity on the basis that his/her parents or guardians have not made a contribution.  However, if sufficient voluntary contributions are not forthcoming it will be the responsibility of the school to decide whether the activity may or may not take place.
  • To delegate to the Principal the determination of any case arising from the implementation of this policy.