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Dundela Infants' School Belfast

The Big Bedtime Read

2nd Oct 2018

Getting Ready to Learn

We are delighted to have received funding to participate in the ‘Big Bedtime Read’ project in Nursery this year. We would like to invite you to a parent workshop on Tuesday 9th October after morning drop off (9-9.20am) to provide you with information about this project and how you can help your child at home to develop early literacy skills through bedtime reading. Each week there will be a lending library available where your child can choose two books to take home for bedtime story time. We will also have open reading sessions for you to come in and share a book with your child on the following dates:

Wednesday 7th November 1-15-1.30pm

Wednesday 14th November 1.15-1.30pm

Thursday 22nd November 1.15-1.30pm

We have ordered lots of lovely new books that I’m sure you will enjoy reading with your child each week. Each child will also borrow a Nursery book bag to take their books home in each week and we ask that these are looked after carefully as we will be collecting these in at the end of May so that we can carry on with this project for the following year’s nursery class.

Any photos that you may take of your child enjoying their weekly books at home with you, we would greatly appreciate a copy of these so that we can collate evidence for the Education Authority to show how our project has been implemented. You will also receive a parent questionnaire at the beginning and end of the project so that EA can measure the successfulness of the project and we would be grateful if these are returned promptly.

We look forward to implementing this project with you and your child this year.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Conly